Catholic Way Don’t Discard the Elderly, says Bishop in Philippines

Don’t Discard the Elderly, says Bishop in Philippines

On Holy Family Sunday, a Catholic bishop in the Philippines has called for more attention to the older men and women and the lessons they sow, reported CBCP News.

Speaking during Mass, Bishop Broderick Pabillo of Manila said that the elderly deserve not only care but the recognition they have much left to give.

“They have important roles to play, even if they are weakened by age. Let us not put them aside,” Pabillo preached at the Holy Family Parish Church in Makati City.

“And the elderly, although they may now bring less material resources, yet they are repositories of wisdom and of faith,” he said.

He stressed that one treasure that the elders have is their deep faith “because it has been tested by life”.

The bishop pointed to the wisdom of the older folks and the great role they can play in a culture that values “material productivity”.

In this kind of culture, according to him, the older folks are often “bypassed and set aside”.

“Let us respect and listen to them. Their stories and lessons are important to us,” Pabillo added.

“Really, we help one another in the family and each one, including the elderly and the weak, can contribute to the well-being of the family,” he also said.

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