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Dalla Provincia del Brasile

From the Province of Brazil

We began the month of March by celebrating with great joy the memory of the passage to heaven of our Foundress Mother Maria Bucchi. This year, each community was invited to celebrate in their mission place due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but some also welcomed the proposal to celebrate together with the closest communities, celebrating together this very important moment for each of us.

On this day the first year of installation of our Province was also celebrated with great gratitude. We would like to congratulate Mother Célia and her Council for this journey and ask that the Holy Spirit continue to guide his steps on the path of animating the Charism and the Apostolic Mission of our beloved Family and make many and holy vocations sprout to spread the Blood. Redeemer with love of Christ throughout Brazil, in East Timor and in all our dear sisters and communities around the world. There were so many gestures of affection and gratitude to God and to our Provincial, for the great works of the Lord!

There are many reasons to give thanks to God and for this reason we rejoice in the Yes of our dear sister Flávia Andeline who, with great joy and faith, renews her yes to the Lord. We wish you perseverance and fidelity in your consecration.

We also congratulate our dear sisters who today open the year of preparation for the 50th anniversary of the total consecration to the Blood of Christ, Sister Filisbina Reis, Sister Maria Vaz, Sister Terezinha Calvacante, Sister Norberta Corrêa, Sister Maria José Rosendo and Sr. Eliete Paixão. May they be an example that encourages the new generations in the great journey of Preciosina. A big hug full of prayer and deep communion.

The 2nd vote for the delegates to the XXXIII General Chapter was also held on this March 1st.

On the 5th of this month of March the planning meeting with the vocation leaders of our Province took place online. It was a very pleasant moment to share the mission present in each territory and make suggestions for resuming the journey and accompanying our young women, even in times of pandemic, the mission cannot stop. The sisters showed great vigor and enthusiasm for the mission, confident that the Vocation is a gift and deserves to be taken care of!

On the morning of March 10, our dear sister Terezinha de Jesus Oliveira joins the heavenly home. We thank you for your love and dedication given with great joy over the years. May the seed sown with your testimony continue to sprout and bear many fruits; her presence was a saving sign of God’s love wherever she went. God reward her for all the good she has done!

On the 14th the first online vocation meeting took place, with people from different communities. The following theme was addressed: youth, faith and vocational discernment. Youth, as a stage of life that we know, is a time of many decisions for young people, with which they are faced with a whirlwind of information that must be discerned for their best. Pope Francis recalls that youth is a state of the soul that does not pass with age, but that remains, and that, given the impositions of society, it can be a source of holiness, since each one is called to recognize his or her importance as a mission in this world and in ecclesial life. Religious life is a way to respond to this love of God, which has a specific way of living and following. It is necessary to look to Jesus and receive this impulse to follow him. Every vocation is for God! He wants you for others.

On March 19, the Church celebrates the solemnity of Saint Joseph, Mary’s husband. The one who, by faith, deserved to be the keeper of the promise fulfilled in the mystery of salvation, is a fundamental figure in the Father’s plan of love, being a privileged sign of God’s fatherhood. This year the date is even more special because we are living a year entirely dedicated to this great patron of the Church.

We can count on the powerful intercession of Saint Joseph, chosen by God to play the role of guardian of the Holy Family and adoptive father of the incarnate Son of God. On this day the communities were invited to celebrate our Patron with great joy and in honor of St. Joseph and a live broadcast was broadcast directly from the provincial house with the precious fraternity.

We are also pleased with the result of the 2nd vote for the Chapter and we thank our sisters Madalena Fernandes, Valéria, Gleicilene, Carlla Rogéria, Janice, Hilda, Zelma, Vílani and Liodelza for their availability and we continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide us. , beloved Congregation.

This weekend, 20 and 21, we met as a family in the phase of ongoing formation, to reflect, interact, share and learn more about our consecrated life and to learn more about the dimension of our role in the Church.

On the first day, Monsignor Gabriel presented us with the “Protagonism of the consecrated woman in the Church and in society”. It was a very rich moment of deepening, encouragement and recovery of our feminine and religious condition within the church. Fr. Gabriel made us immerse in the identity of Saint Joseph and realize his importance within our Congregation, but in particular for each one in daily practice, the consecrated person takes care of the things of the men of the brothers, of our role of woman in church you have to run freely, with the feelings of Christ. We are called to express ourselves in such a demanding and uncertain world, to be a Pascal heart in the church because we are daughters of the RESURRECTION.

In the afternoon, the provincial superior presented the report of the province in the last six years from 2015 to 2021, presenting aspects of our experience: spiritual life, fraternal life, formation, mission, underlining the importance that each sister is in the spirit of co-responsible for the growth of the Province and helping us to reflect on the points identified, on the steps taken and on the way to go.

Immediately after, there was a moment of relaxation, joy, interaction and healthy competitiveness through the Gymkhana on Women who have made and are making history in the Congregation.

On Sunday morning, Mother Donatella invited us to reflect on the life of Saint Joseph in our spirituality as precious sisters in the face of the pandemic we are experiencing. She underlined the importance of intercession, of being women intercessors in prayer in supplication, she made us situate in this year dedicated to Saint Joseph how important it is for us who have Saint Joseph as our protector to grow in this dimension and presented characteristics very important in the life of Saint Joseph which were: tenderness, welcome, creative courage, concern and, finally, he emphasized chastity is this chastity that makes us women protagonists of love, of being responsible for each other at of the call to live together and to serve in the joy of a free donation.

Every day we must learn to be chaste because all love must be chaste and that love is Pascal, therefore in this dimension of Tenderness, Welcoming, Creative Courage and Affection, in the daily challenges in the realities in which we are inserted and we confront everyone. types of people, conflicts, limitations we are challenged to reinvent ourselves to overcome the journey of resilience, to be women who are sensitive, empathetic and willing to care for us with loving care.

… Grow in the tenderness that makes us accept the weakness of others, welcome differences, welcome life with courage and be protagonists in such dark times. The word that defines this moment is GRATITUDE!

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