News Preziosino Way “By another way they returned to their country” (Mt 2:12)

“By another way they returned to their country” (Mt 2:12)


Mother Donatella came to us on Wednesday 23 June to officially conclude the experience of the international juniorate and commented on the passage of the Magi, as an icon to return to, treasuring what we have lived. We have seen the star, the Father who in the Son has called us and with the help of the Spirit has always supported the response and the journey. We walked, sometimes in the light, sometimes losing sight of the comet, because this is how it happens in life; we asked questions, sometimes to the right people, sometimes wrongly, but, after all, all the indications received were useful; we went through doubts, passed curves, faced losses; however we have found “the Child”, and we have experienced great joy; we like to think of faith, of Jesus himself, of the Truth, as a child: still uncertain, always to grow, powerful yet fragile and to be guarded with delicacy. And now we return by different paths: not because we will pass through different airports and because with Covid still around the tickets change from day to day, but because the experience changes us and even if we travel the same roads we will do it with different eyes and reality will appear new to us, our roads will no longer be the same as before! Sister Sarah who remains in Italy and continues her study and formation here, and Sofia who shared the departure and arrival of the journey with us and is now preparing to continue it, also return by a new path.

We simply say thank you to all, it is the word that is resonating the most, thinking of all the sisters and communities we have met and also of those that we have only been able to approach “remotely”. We end the journey with the certainty of having established new ties between us and with the whole religious family; we leave, like the Magi, with the desire not to keep to ourselves what we have been able to experience and to share with others, young and old, the views on the world, on faith, on spirituality, on the history of the Congregation, which we have been able to intuition through sharing, encounters, shared efforts. We are happy to be able to sow the desire that the encounters between us become ever more frequent and habitual, spaces in which all give and receive as sisters, “once distant and now become close thanks to the blood of Christ”.

We count on everyone’s prayers for our journeys and our paths; as you already know, Sister Paula with Sister Edine and Sister Valquiria leave for Brazil on Monday 28, Sister Winfred for Kenya on Tuesday 29, Sister Antonia and Sister Izaura for East Timor on Sunday 18 July.

Thank you so much!

suor Winfred, Suor Paula, suor Alessandra,

suor Edine, suor Antonia, suor Valquiria,

suor Izaura, suor Sarah e Sofia

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