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chi sono le suore del preziosissimo sangue

“The same life circulates between God and us” is written in our “rule of life”: the religious family was formed around the mystery of the Passover of Jesus, with the gaze turned to the Master who dedicates himself to the life of man, up to the end. It is a strong, eternal, indestructible bond the one that is sealed on the Cross and today we would like to live by continuing to announce this covenant that runs through the entire history of salvation.


We live together sharing the prayer and the desire to serve the Church; we would like to become sisters among us to be a sign of the possibility of establishing good relationships even though we have not chosen each other, coming from different histories and cultures.


We are a small family, but we open ourselves to the wide borders of the Church and of the world; the Blood of Christ makes those far away close, breaks down barriers and enmities. For this reason it seems necessary to us to walk with other peoples, other spiritualities, other Congregations, without closing ourselves off to the demands of history.

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