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On Saturday 8th October 2022 we had the great grace of having the opening of a new community in Kikambala, Mombasa Archdiocese. His Lordship Archbishop Martin Kivuva Musonde has celebrated a wonderful rite: we started with the blessing of the house and then we entered in the new chapel where the altar and the tabernacle were consecrated. The rites were really deeply touching.
1st JULY 2021

It is the Lord who gives everything

“… If you want to understand even more deeply the strength of this blood, consider where it began to flow and from which source it sprang. It was poured out on the cross and flowed from the side of the Lord. According to the Gospel, a soldier approached Jesus dead and still hanging on the cross and opened his side with a blow of a spear: water and blood came out. One symbol of Baptism, the other of the Eucharist ... Now the Church is born from these two sacraments, from this bath of regeneration and renewal in the Holy Spirit through Baptism and the Eucharist. And the symbols of Baptism and the Eucharist came out of the side. So it is from his side that Christ formed the Church… By his blood we are born, with his blood we nourish our life. As a woman nourishes her child with her own milk, so Christ constantly nourishes with his blood those whom he has regenerated ``

(St. John Chrysostom)

Dearest, best wishes! ...

The Wish of the Mother Superior General


Dearest sisters, best wishes!
Today we commemorate the birth into heaven of our Mother Foundress Maria Matilde Bucchi; I asked her to write to you, to speak to you, in this particular and complex moment of our history. With the brothers and sisters we meet we are sharing anxieties, fears, uncertainties for the present and for the future and we all need words and gestures of hope. ``Dearest daughters, thank you for remembering today with so much faith and joy the crowning of my life: I experienced the last abandonment to God the Father in the encounter with the Bridegroom whom I have loved and sought so much throughout my life. I walk, struggle, courageous choices, darkness, but also joy, abandonment and trust in the love of the Father and in His providence: these are the colors that have characterized my existence as a seeker of God.

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(In) Covenant

“The same life circulates between God and us” is written in our “rule of life”: the religious family was formed around the mystery of the Passover of Jesus, with the gaze turned to the Master who dedicates himself to the life of man, up to the end. It is a strong, eternal, indestructible bond the one that is sealed on the Cross and today we would like to live by continuing to announce this covenant that runs through the entire history of salvation.

(In) Community

We live together sharing the prayer and the desire to serve the Church; we would like to become sisters among us to be a sign of the possibility of establishing good relationships even though we have not chosen each other, coming from different histories and cultures.

(In) Opening

We are a small family, but we open ourselves to the wide borders of the Church and of the world; the Blood of Christ makes those far away close, breaks down barriers and enmities. For this reason it seems necessary to us to walk with other peoples, other spiritualities, other Congregations, without closing ourselves off to the demands of history.

Chi siamo
Madre Donatella Superiora delle suore Preziosine
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The Mission

Tell everyone how much each life is worth... if it costs a price with an ``infinite`` value: this is the mandate that has been entrusted to us and that is handed down from generation to generation, even if the forms of the announcement evolve. From the very first steps, our communities have felt the urge to educate the younger generations since the covenant expresses itself with the promotion of the ability to live responsibly, making fruitful the talents and continuously widening the spaces of the heart. The word education resounds in us as a synonym of ransom, redemption, solidarity and leads us among children, young people and families, the elderly, in institutions or in the simplicity of everyday life. the parishes schools the spiritual paths the health sector welcoming


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The Institute of the Sister of the Most Precious Blood relies on Donations – Gifts – Fundraising to support the mission for the populations in distress in which it operates.

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the origin of a spirituality

The Foundress of the Congregation was born in Agrate Brianza (MI - Italy), on May 18, 1812 and lives, like many other girls, working to help the family. She attends school for a few months and then she is forced to stop, both because there is no money to pay for the school, and because she has to get busy. She works first in the fields, then in the spinning mill, then as a maid while cultivating the desire to consecrate her life to God. In fact, still young she makes a private vow of chastity and cultivates her bond of love with Jesus Crucified, attracted by his Passion which sustains her in her daily toil. He faces the sacrifices of a poor life with the conviction that even this condition, lived by choice and with love, can be a way to reciprocate the love with which the Father gave his Son for us, without sparing. In 1852 she agreed to collaborate with the ¬ Canossian ¬ Daughters of Charity in the education of poor girls, in their Institute in Monza, since she did not have the means to enter the Congregation as a novice. She lives with other girls who share the same ideal, she is entrusted with the education of the poorest girls and begins a long journey of spiritual and religious research that ends a few years before her death, which took place on March 1, 1882. In fact, only on May 17, 1876, Archbishop Calabiana of Milan, notified Mother Maria Matilde and her community of the canonical erection in the Congregation with the title of Sisters of the Precious Blood.

Maria Matilde Bucchi Madre-Fondatrice suore del preziosissiomo sangue

" Men grow five thousand roses in the same garden and do not find what they are looking for. And yet what they are looking for could be found in a single rose. But the eyes are blind, you have to look with your heart... it's the time you spent on your rose that made it so important. "

The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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