La missione delle suore preziosine


Our work

The Mission

Tell everyone how much each life is worth...
if it costs a price with an ``infinite`` value: this is the mandate that has been entrusted to us and that is handed down from generation to generation, even if the forms of the announcement evolve. From the very first steps, our communities have felt the urge to educate the younger generations since the covenant expresses itself with the promotion of the ability to live responsibly, making fruitful the talents and continuously widening the spaces of the heart.
The word education resounds in us as a synonym of ransom, redemption, solidarity and leads us among children, young people and families, the elderly, in institutions or in the simplicity of everyday life.

aiutare gli altri
missione nelle parrocchie
Our work

In the parishes

service to the parish has always been a fundamental desire for us. We collaborate with priests by helping to educate the little ones, but also to visit the sick, to stimulate the attention to those who remain on the margins, to participate in the life of the local Church without a project already made, but by listening to the place where we arrive.
The only thing of ours that we would like to bring and ``show off`` is the joy of a life totally consecrated to God and the Word of salvation that we feel entrusted to us. L’unica cosa nostra che vorremmo portare e “mettere in mostra” è la gioia di una vita consacrata totalmente a Dio e la Parola della salvezza che ci sentiamo affidata.

Our work

In schools

in Italy and Brazil there are some schools opened by us, elsewhere we give our contribution in the State school. We can teach specific disciplines, but above all we accompany the growth with attention to the faith and the meaning of life; we put into play our skills, but we also make ourselves available for the many, small services that make the corridors familiar and habitable places.

le nostre scuole nel mondo
cammino spirituale
Our work

In the spiritual paths

catechesis is a priority to which we wish to add initiatives of prayer, of deepening of the listening to the Word and of the faith; vocational accompaniment is also an educational dimension that we cultivate in every place, not so much so that young people come to us, but rather so that they learn to respond to the God of the covenant who asks for friendship and gift of self.

Our work

In the health sector

(also) remaining close to the suffering is part of our history in ways that have evolved over the time; military hospitals, service to the poorest and then, gradually, new attention to the elderly, to the situations of malnutrition, to the natural treatment, to the diseases that marginalize and undermine the dignity of life.

Our work

In welcoming

welcoming is a word dear to God and therefore to every disciple; the forms of welcoming change with the passing of time, but the essential desire for fraternity remains intact; for us this meant making room for the little ones in the holiday camps and in the homes for lonely children, living with young students and workers, visiting the prisoners and participating in the projects that the Church proposes.

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