percorso di formazione vocazioneale preziosine

Vocation and Formation

A path to growth



it is not a matter of holiness, as we are all called to holiness and to a deep spiritual experience. Dedicating time to listening to the Word and to life in and for the Church is not the prerogative of consecrated persons, nor of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, but it is an essential part of baptismal life. Then what differentiates us and what can be said about the call to embrace the life of the Congregation? In reality, only the Lord himself is the Master capable of making his voice heard and directing our desires. Those who are called feel that all states of life are good and lead to a love lived in fullness, but they feel compelled to dedicate their lives to God in the company of others who have felt the same impulse. In particular, the Word of the Cross and the Eucharist speaks to us, the gift of Jesus for the redemption of all and his boundless love for human beings that leads him to give himself up to free them. Allora che cosa ci differenzia e cosa si può dire della chiamata ad abbracciare la vita della Congregazione? In realtà solo il Signore stesso è il Maestro capace di far cogliere la sua voce e indirizzare i nostri desideri. Chi è chiamato avverte che tutti gli stati di vita sono buoni e conducono verso un amore vissuto in pienezza, ma si sente spinto a dedicare la vita a Dio in compagnia di altre che hanno avvertito lo stesso impulso. Inparticolare, a noi parla la Parola della Croce e dell’Eucaristia, il dono di Gesù per la redenzione di tutti e questo suo sconfinato amore per gli esseri umani che lo porta a consegnare sé stesso per liberare loro.

Vocation and formation

The journey

It consists of a progressive journey, articulated in distinct stages, but linked together, which lead to an ever more stable bond with the Congregation and its way of incarnating the Gospel.

The family is present in several Countries, but it feels united and ready to respond to the needs of local communities and of the Church. For this reason, from the beginning, we cultivate openness and international exchange, so that none of us close in on herself or within the boundaries of her places of origin, but feels to be called and sent to the whole world, within the limits of our possibilities.

Vocation and formation

First steps

The journey in the Congregation begins with a period of mutual knowledge

First through an encounter with a sister who becomes a mediator and witness, then with the sharing of life in a community, in order to get to know the life, prayer and services directly.
If this deeper knowledge confirms the initial intuitions, preparation for the novitiate begins, which is done by living permanently in a community and continuing the discernment through personal accompaniment and more assiduous prayer.
Se questa conoscenza più approfondita conferma le intuizioni iniziali comincia la preparazione al Noviziato, che si fa vivendo stabilmente in una comunità e proseguendo il discernimento attraverso l’accompagnamento personale e una preghiera più assidua.

Vocation and formation


It marks the crucial moment of the initiation and preparation for the profession of the vows.

The Novitiate lasts two years with these characteristics: one of the two is almost exclusively dedicated to prayer and study of the Congregation, with its spirituality, its rule of life and its history; another also foresees an apostolic dimension in order to reach the religious profession having experienced the different dimensions that are typical of our form of life.

Vocation and formation

Time of 'temporary' profession

At the end of the novitiate the ``first profession`` is made which is temporary as the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience are renewed every year.

One lives in community, completing one's studies or already dedicated to apostolic service, a privileged time is still given to the formation with the specific purpose of synthesizing the contents learned in the Novitiate and the concrete life that one begins to experience. Temporary profession generally lasts from 6 to 9 years, depending on the personal path, and the last year is dedicated specifically to preparing for perpetual profession.

Vocation and formation

'Perpetual' profession and ongoing formation

When the vows are made ``forever``, one enters the Congregation with full rights,

with a definitive bond through which each of us places her life in a stable and permanent way at the disposal of the religious family itself and therefore of the Church. Perpetual profession is an expression of our way of understanding life and freedom: we publicly proclaim that we believe in a freedom that is offered to God and to our brothers, in the possibility of choosing and doing it forever.

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